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30th Wedding Anniversary

It all started when my mom was sixteen, she asked my dad to the turnabout dance. He said yes and they dated for six years after that before getting married. When they met I bet they never imagined what a life they would build together and what amazing parents they would be. Growing up they have always taught us to be ourselves. They have always been so supportive and encouraging. Any ideas we had whether it be a hobby or a career path we were interested in they would help us pursue it as best as they could. Now celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary they are still, without doubt a pair to look up to.

They are hard working, creative, and quirky. Always making each other laugh and getting up to new adventures together. It's never a dull moment going home and hearing about their new latest country adventure (seeing the dogs Cheyenne and Sabre is always fun too). Happy 30th wedding anniversary mom and dad!

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