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Business Update - Exciting News!

As I've mentioned it's been a very busy off season and the main reason behind that is Matt and I just bought our first house! On March 18th our offer was accepted and on March 31st we officially got the keys. The weeks to follow were filled with cleaning, packing, and painting rooms in the new house before we moved on Friday, April 14th. As to where we moved to we are now in Lucan just north of London, Ontario! When we started looking for houses I never would have guessed we would end up in Lucan. Growing up in the country north of London I've always been fond of this area. It's a 15 minute drive to north London and a 30 minute drive to the beach.

This adventure started when we originally we viewed a different house in Lucan. Though it did not work out, this solidified our decision on moving to Lucan opposed to buying in London. Upon going through the next house we found in this charming little town we were instantly in love and we put in our offer. A mere hour later we had a counter offer and we accepted. When looking we wanted a house that needed some work but I never would have thought it would have everything we only dreamed of like hard wood floors, a great deck and backyard for my dog, and a wood stove! Loving anything odd, bold, rustic and charming it's so exciting to create a space that reflects our style! It has been so busy and we have just started to organize and get things setup as well as tackling some minor home renovations in the mean time. I'm sharing a few photos of house to start and as we renovate more I'll post updates. I'm a little bit of an organizational nerd, I love making lists. Now I get to keep adding to a list of renovations and things we want to do going forward (and can do because it's our house) is super exciting!

As for my photography business, I will still be providing the same service though my location has changed. I am very excited to become involved in the community of Lucan, and as always I am available for locations around the world. Whether this be Ontario, Canada, or anywhere else I can adventure to.

Violet, Matt and I after we officially got the keys to the house (taken from my iPhone)

Our wonderful mudroom / Laundry room

Our first finished project before we moved in, painting the living room fireplace grey and the walls blue

And a lovely outside shot of our house using my camera

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