7 Years Old

Last Saturday my adorable little dog Violet turned 7 years old! When I got Violet I had just graduated from the Fanshawe College Photography Program. I had continued working for the company I had my co-op through and became their main editor and photography assistant for weddings. Seven years later I have my own business, it’s growing and I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve always been a huge dog lover and having a job primarily from home I jumped on the opportunity to have a dog. Going from growing up with Shepherds to a small little dog that was two pounds when I got her was a whole new adventure. The first night I had her she cried in her crate and I caved and went to see her. Being a small two pound fluff ball she was so excited and has always been a jumper bouncing all over the place. Trying to pick her up after letting her out of her crate that night was a task and a half and she just climbed her up my arms. She ended up snuggled up under my neck licking me and just staying there cuddled and happy. Ever since then this little girl has had my heart no matter how crazy she can be and what a big dog she thinks she is being fully gown and nine pounds. I've been told she's like a cat / gremlin / bunny before (Actually being asked once if I was walking a bunny when she was little) She follows me around wherever I go and guards me and our house.

Violet has been through so many adventures with me ever since I dove into photography. Celebrating her 7th birthday today and 7 years in the photography world.